Monday, June 21, 2010

Butte Bouldering Bash

Coming August 14th. Waiting for more info.....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Squaw Creek - Huntavirus

Squaw Creek is located in the Gallatin Canyon towards Big Sky MT

Rock - Limestone

Ratings - 5.10 to 5.13 B

Climber - Brandon Smith

Thursday the 20th-

Brandon and I rally out to the cave to give the Hunta a early morning go. I was so close and had the route sessioned to one hang. Today was a different story. I F&*^ing could not pull any of the moves and did not make it past the 2nd draw. My fingers hurt and muscles locked up. No idea what was going on I called it a day and belayed Brandon on his best burn yet. Brandon was super close and I was back to the beggining. I chalked it up as another day and we headed to work.

Friday the 21st-

Brandon and John Scott headed to the cave for a dawn session again and I headed to the computer for some buying. As I wait for Brandon's call to tell me about his send. Yesterday's failure was taxing my mind. No call, so I call him at work.

Brandon sent!!

I was stoked for him and he even told me he had left the draws for me. Chris and Leslie called me at work and I jumped at the opportunity to go out with them. I grabbed the camera and we made our way to Squaw cave. After warming up and watching Leslie crush her second 11a. These two are super motivated and tenacious as all hell. They inspire me to remember the days of my first redpoints which helps me not be so consumed by the ratings.

I tied in and Sent after a little yelling and a whole lot of focus. As John Scott would say "I Blacked out for a moment and clipped the chains."
Let me end this long winded blog post by saying. I sent Hunta after four days worth of work. This route is thugish and powerful, which fits me well.  I pulled the draws and drove into Barrel Mountaineering to thank Brandon for leaving them for me. What's next?

Strawman 13a old school route - The Cube, Fakir 12b/c Trad with blind placements - Blackline Butress,Tenpin 13c/d sport - The tower

  Beer and family time for now!